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Woolloongabba Antique Centre stocks an amazing range of vintage clothing from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70 & 80’s, shoes, costume jewellery and accessories, handbags, retro furniture, vintage telephones and sixties and seventies art and glassware. 

Over 60+ Antique Dealers who trade in Art Deco, L’Art Nouveau, Fine French Antique Furniture, Hollywood Glamour Fashion, Rockabilly Fashion of the 50’s and 60’s and Traditional Australian Antiques.

We will have a fabulous Fifties Style Cafe and Gift Shop. A place where the sisters like to hang out with an ever-increasing popularity with Generation X and Y, they also offer select quality reproductions of classic art deco furniture that is imported from Italy and sourced from previously used film sets.  

If you want to step back into a time when men sported safari suits with a comb in their top pocket whilst women wore Jackie Onassis sunglasses with a maxi skirt, come and lose yourself at Woolloongabba Antique Centre. It may just unleash the Bridgitte Bardot inside of you… Sisters Sarah Jane Walsh and Megan Rizzo are happy to exist on a completely different plane of reality. 

Come and experience their world. 

How did it begin? - Sarah Jane and Megan’s passion for quirky recycling was sparked as children growing up in their country hometown, Tamworth, NSW. 

Watching their mum sew together dance costumes from old material and having a large extended family produced an abundance of ‘hand me downs’ and many occasions to ‘Dress up’. 

The sisters recall many a game of ‘dress ups’, which led to a passion they just couldn’t shake.  

After many years of ‘doing the markets’ around Brisbane the girls opened their first Retro themed store in Paddington with an overwhelming success. 

Almost a year to the day of opening their 1st store Megan and Sarah Jane opened a second store in New Farm, Brisbane. 

And now on 1 July 2009 after years of researching to find the ‘right’ building, The sisters, are opening an Antiques Superstore in Woolloongabba. 

The history of the building lies with Copeland and Pickers who occupied the fantastic ‘Saw toothed’ industrial building in Wellington Road for over 30 years. 

The current owner has just completed a $1Million dollar renovation to bring the building back to its original glory. Keeping all the industrial aspects in tack. It looks fantastic! 

This new Antiques Centre will be the only one in Brisbane which will house over 60 dealers under the one roof, is fully air-conditioned with 20 customer allocated parking spaces and a fully functional loading dock to make both our customers and dealers live easier. 

What's the story behind the name Almost Famous? - Megan had a bizarre reoccurrence which started happening from about 1994. 

Whenever Megan met new people they would say "haven't i met you before?"  

In the beginning she would try and figure it out, going through where she had worked and places she had lived… and never found a connection with these strangers. 

It was happening so often that she started to make up a story and say..”Oh yeah, do you know that show 'Pop-Stars'?”...and that made them feel better that they had identified her! 

Even when she moved interstate it continued and still to this day if she goes to a function, someone will say the words. 

With Sarah Jane’s work as an Assistant Director in Film and TV gave her a great insight as to what designers were looking for and what works in fashion. 

Sarah Jane has an amazing ability to pull together a themed shoot for a production company with record speed, searching high and low for the right ‘props’ or costumes.  

Megan’s artistic flair as a Photographer/Artist with a background career in Finance and Business, it seemed the perfect opportunity to combine their skills and talents to create what will be Brisbane Largest collection of Dealers under the one roof. 

The Woolloongabba Antique Centre will be an amazing mix of Eclectic styles. 

From Traditional Australian Antiques to Rockabilly to L’Art Nouveau. 

Sarah Jane having art directed numerous Television Commercials, Photo shoots and Music Videos she finds more often that not, designers now come to her for interesting and unique pieces to show in their own advertisements. 

The Film industry will be able to use this new centre as their ‘one stop prop shop’. 

The sisters will be able to contact their dealers and have them ALL on the hunt for an item of a particular era, which may be the ‘secret star’ in the next film or TV Advertisement. 

Just last month Megan had a phone call from channel nine’s 60 minutes program. 

Within days of the phone call the sisters were flown to Sydney to appear in a story on Modern Feminism and the working women v’s stay at home mums of today compared with the 1950’s. 

It was a whirlwind trip that had them set dressing in the 1950’s housewife style, and they sure knew how to look the part!

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