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Greg has felt comfortable with drawing and painting from a very young age.


He wishes to extent his artistic talent by sharing his gift in a professional way with others.


He is a naturally gifted artist and design initiator who has developed his own distinct style, which is based upon intuition, research and practical application.


Greg is an artist who has worked until early 2001 primarily on commissioned pieces.


His work is in private and public collections in Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Mexico, Singapore, Holland, Ireland and England.


His works are also featured in over 200 Minter Ellison legal offices around the world.


With the broad recognition and success of his independent art school, Greg has been able to focus his time on his own works of art.


Greg is currently submitting development plans for the construction of a ‘Cultural Education Centre’ to be built in the beautiful Snowy Mountains Region of NSW.


This is a substantial undertaking, situated on his rural property 20 kms from Cooma.




The artist Greg Devenny-Mackay's work reflects a deeper level of understanding of the nude.


His ability to draw the human form stems from an appreciation of a number of varying factors.


The competency to see the human figure and its relationship to its organic origin is prevalent in all life drawings and paintings.


His models derive from different cultural backgrounds.


This contributes a vibrant soulful essence to his works.


Greg takes impulsive inspiration from these unique physical and cultural variances.


He creates striking, vivid and intuitive colour responses and portrays ethnicity in each artistic creation.


Greg’s artistic ability, coupled with his mild mannered, encouraging and passionate personality also make him one of the finest art teachers within the greater Canberra region.


These prints, drawings and paintings are all drawn from life in a very rapid response to short poses.


This has been the key to keeping the works loose with a delightful sense of feeling and spontaneity, as opposed to formalised control with a measured intellectual intent being dominant.


With many successful drawing and paintings, the knowledge of the mind must be integrated with the creative impulsive that binds and blends itself, merging into the vast fertile fields of spiritual energies that are ever present and unimaginably powerful.


Much of the art in today’s commercial arts environment is painstakingly fully worked leaving very little undone, tending more towards being over worked.


These prints are a refreshing step in the opposite direction. 


The majority of these prints were originally completed in simply a matter of minutes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes on average.


There are a couple longer ones, sometimes taking up to 1 or 2 hours from start to finish.


This factor makes these works truly vital.


Greg is a speed drawer and painter who dancers through his creations with a wondrous confidence and lighting rapid, free-flowing rendering response.

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