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 Jade Reid Milne, was born in the remote, small town of Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand on the 15th December, 1975. In a rugged mountainous and wild land of once plentiful gold, stone-fruit and magical dwarfs, Jade relished the freedom and inspiration often associated with this breath-taking part of the world. These traits would be the spark that gave Jade a burning curiosity to the bigger questions in life.

Jade realised early that to answer those bigger questions he was going to have to travel and experience life, for he always did have a curious and devious mind that hungered for knowledge, and still continues, unsated, to this day.
Journeys throughout the four corners of the world followed, introducing many a life-changing moment that raised more questions than it answered. Throughout this questioning phase, amplified with stunning pyrotechnics, Jade descended further into a life of debauchery and self loathing. However, he was spared any permanent scars and has been seemingly gifted with the ability of being able to see people through their self importance and false bravado. A seed was planted and it was not too long before his love for people and their imagery riffled through his subconscious and an artist was born.
Be warned: Jade’s view of people isn’t that of a purist, loving people for love’s sake. He sees the darker, mixed in with the sometimes lighter, undercurrents that take place deep within a person’s psyche, the parts that are hidden deep inside, the thoughts that we have no wish for other people to see—and if we’re honest with ourselves we know they exist and that we all have them. Looking at Jade’s paintings can only but remind us of this murkier side of our nature.
Jade asks us, through his art, to confront ourselves and it can be difficult to turn away.
Acting as a stereotypical larrikin, commonly attributed to antipodean males, Jade has learnt to pry behind the façade of people he meets by disarming their presumptions of him. Consequently he unveils the true nature of his adversary and has a far more candid discussion about their deeper thoughts and hidden behaviours. It is from these discussions where he finds inspiration so intricately captured on canvas.
As you continue gazing at Jade’s paintings, you get the impression that he’s trying to tell you something. Is he asking for a response? Demanding some reaction? He gets in your head and plays with your emotions so that you feel compelled to debate the image that you, the viewer, have become absorbed in. And, simply, this is what he wants—a conversation so that people can be more candid to confront each of their true natures together. You get the feeling as you’re looking at each painting, that he’s sitting there behind you just waiting for a reaction, whatever that may be.

 -Alex Barry

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