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 I work with a variety of mediums such as photography and painting that keep me guessing to what will appear at the end of the original idea. My work consists of landscapes, portraits, black and white, color photographs as well as abstract paintings. I see glimpses of Heaven on Earth and I look to take the ideas that I have seen and transform them into something unique. I also like nature scenes that involve unique landscapes, or have an interaction between rock and wood.


My work tends to focus on the environment and the interaction of man made objects in that setting. For example, my photography tends to focus on rusted industrial or old objects that have an impact or have been impacted by the world around them. I find the way an object rust or break down over time is fascinating and I also try to show the impact these things have had on the environment in my art.

When working in either photography or painting/drawing I like to be playful with color and lines and I tend to lean towards abstract. I love bright, vivid colors and edit in Photoshop to brighten and enhance the visual effect for the viewer.Sometimes I am focusing on the primary colors or attempting to use the Golden Mean to make an impact on my works. I strive to show people something new through my eyes so maybe they too see a bit of Heaven all around us on Earth.

“When you painted on earth…it was because you caught glimpses of Heaven in the earthly landscape…”

-C.S Lewis

This is also how I feel about my art.

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