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Artist Kate Farrant 
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I believe the quote by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin “we are not human beings on a spiritual journey but spiritual beings on a human journey” and I also agree with Leonardo da Vinci who said “Unless the spirit moves the hand, there is no art”.

I take the inspiration that Almighty God gives me each day whilst observing His creation all about me, to try and paint the colours and textures and moods and essences of everything that I feel and see on to my canvas. I use acrylic paints because they dry quickly and suit my fast loose style.

I might see a picture in a book or on TV or on the internet and notice a particular vibrant colour in it and get an overwhelming desire to create a painting using that colour and then as the painting progresses I will feel God impressing on me which colour to layer on next and when to use some different textures and tools such as palette knifes and sponges and a raft of other implements to get the ‘feel’ of what I am trying to convey to the viewer.  I often have no detailed plan ahead and the painting just evolves as my spirit is sensitive to His spirit and the work emerges miraculously and wonderfully.

Sometimes I take a photograph of a person and paint my impression of them in a fast and loose style, very rarely taking more than 1-2 hours to fully complete it. The completed painting usually still is recognizable as that person but seems to have captured ‘the essence’ of the person somehow and can evoke a sense of strength with vulnerability or joy and exhilaration in the subject’s personality.

My desire is that those viewing my art would be drawn deeper into the image/s and to feel themselves being ‘touched’ somehow by what they see and feel. My prayer is that those who buy my art would enjoy it for many years to come and that it would enhance their life in some small way. 

Recently I commenced creating digital art on my computer with the same method that I use when painting on a canvas yet finding that even more possibilities are available because of the phenomenal tools available on these programs.

Paintings can be very healing and can evoke emotions of joy and contemplation. My greatest joy is to see someone looking at one of my paintings and smiling broadly as they feel the fun that I had painting it.

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