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Image 1 : 'Your Call is Important' charcoal on paper h109 x  83cm. 2005

Image 2: 'Cruising' charcoal on paper h75 x 54cm.  2004                This drawing was based on a newspaper article about a roller blade police team working in Paris pedestrian areas. I have put them into a comic-strip KingsCross

Image 3: 'Higher Ground Obscured No 11' oil on canvas h115 x 110 cm. 2006  This is one of a series of paintings based on the high country around Mt. Kosciusco in Spring, but also it is an expoloration of the emotive effects of almost abstracted colour, tone and pattern.

Image 4:'Wall with Guercino Drawing' oil on canvas h76 x 69 cm.  2010. I live and work in an old building lined with pressed metal sheets, in a variety of patterns. I have used this as a background reference for a series of paintings ('Against a Canvas Wall)to which this and the one at the top of this page belong.

Image 5:'The Jump Ups' oil on canvas h115 x 110 cm. 2005. One of a series of studio paintings based on drawings, notes and photographs taken during a camp-out in the arid North Western corner of New South Wales.

Image 7: 'Take the Weather With You' oil on canvas 12 x (34 x 34 cm.) 2008   I like multiple images; it reflects the constant state of flux and change in which we actually exist, rather than the illusion of the fixed and familiar with which we feel more comfortable

Image 8: 'Zilch' acrylic paint on traffic signal control box, motorway interchange, Western Sydney. One of two commissioned by a local council, to discourage graffiti 'tagging'. I like the challenge of working in a non-precious context.

Image 9: 'Aussie Values - We Decide Who Comes'        oil on canvas h40 x 46 cm. 2007 Visual Satire can be a useful and empowering tool to dispel the blatant hypocrisy of political posturing, with which we are all familiar. However, it is easy to assume that ones own visual language will be read and understood. When this work, a portrayal of the Cronulla Riots, was shown at the Brenda May gallery, I received an irate email from a viewer who felt I had glorified racism in Australia.                                                                                      So, particularly as this is such a little picture I should point out that among the booze filled true blue flag wavers, there are likenesses (apparently) of Alexander Downer, Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott, John Howard, Phillip Ruddock, and Amanda an amazing coincidence.

Image 10: 'Psssssssst' oil on canvas h50 x 45 cm 2008. Another in the series 'Against a Canvas Wall'. Humour is often negelected in  Art. But it is one of our quintessential human qualities, and  consolation for our mortality

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