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Annabel Tully - contemporary landscape artist

ANNABEL TULLY is arresting attention as a contemporary landscape artist.

She depicts subtle and sensitive, yet often dynamic landscapes to demonstrate her strong kinship with the land.

She was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1972 and on the urban fringe the courtship began between artist and homeland with mud fights in the dam and secret hideaways in the scrub.

Her career in primary teaching, and as a principal of small schools, led her to many outback destinations.

Traveling extensively throughout Australia and taking working holidays on rural properties, she experienced sensory overload.

Throughout the nineties, every opportunity was taken to experience life on the land and to continue interests as an artist.

In 1999, she met and married Stephen Tully - 5th generation Channel Country pastoralist.

Encouraged by Stephen's deep relationship with the land and fellow outback artists, she began to draw energy from the vast landscapes and channel her message onto canvas.

After working under the tutorship of internationally renowned landscape artist, Mandy Martin, Tully was encouraged to investigate Martin's use of 'colour, mark and texture to become signifiers of special places' within the landscape.

She now places an emphasis on the use of found ochres to create a sense of place in her works.

Her latest works reflect her feminine connection with the land as subtle landscapes of central Australia, subtly infused with an evidence of human habitation.

Recent achievements include finalist Norvill prize for Australian landscape painting, 3 prizes in the Winton Outback Art Prize, Qld, ABC Television’s Painting Australia series and Qld Arts Council touring exhibition “There’s Something About My Landscape.”

She is the chairperson of the Quilpie Public Art committee which aims to expand upon and showcase the lively arts community of Quilpie.

Annabel is currently working on a series of work “Layers of the Land” after 2 periods as artist in residence at 2008 and 2009 Eromanga Dinosaur Digs.

Solo exhibition to be held 17-28 Feb, Graydon Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane.

ANNABEL TULLY currently lives and works on a sheep and cattle property in the Channel Country of far South-West Queensland.

She & Stephen host Artists’ retreats held on the family property to foster greater development and appreciation of the Arts in remote areas of Australia.

For this contribution, they were awarded The Regional Achievement & Community Awards from Awards Australia in 2009.

Annabel travels extensively throughout rural and remote areas of Australia spending endless hours with pigment and dirt on her hands as she paints en situ.

Tully’s works are held in private collections in Australia, Hong Kong and France.

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